Hello there – If you are here reading this about me page then you probably need to see that I am a real person and am not trying to scam you out of money somehow.

Well, I am real, I am Robert Bruce Anderson and live in Sandton South Africa.

I have been self-employed for most of my life (this definitely includes the good and the bad)

I am married and have 4 amazing children and an ever growing pile of grand children.

I have owned dozens of full time and part time businesses and am a hippie, artist, and crafter at my core.

I am also a serial-helper. I cannot stop helping people, the grateful and even the ungrateful. It is OK – I always try to find ways to help people without creating more work for myself.

This website is an example for that too – you see I love to get involved with Facebook groups, on forums and more. And I am forever seeing really bad advice getting shared by inexperienced people. But another newbie doesn’t know that the person who is so willingly sharing bad advice also doesn’t have a clue and often will act on that bad advice and the cycle continues.

Let me give you a very good example – People are forever looking for ways to make money part time and full time.

So they go online and ask for help. They then get 60% of people telling them to join a multi-level marketing company – citing how brilliant they all are. They are not, statistics show that ordinary online affiliate marketing is something like three times more likely to make you money. One of the hardest ways to make money is multi-level-marketing. I am not saying you should treat it like the plague, but you are going to work damned hard for your money.

Then, hosting is another subject that is freely shared by really stupid people and really experienced people – how the hell is a newbie supposed to know who are the fools and who is giving them great advice.

Now we get to a truth.

Sorry LOL

I have been online for over 9 years full time.

I have been doing online marketing, building my own websites, building websites for clients, doing serious SEO, building GMB stuff, creating courses and so much more.

In between all that I have learned and burned my way through $ 10 000 worth of courses and a ton of successes and failures.

I freaking love it!

OK, that truth – I have hosted personally on about 7 or 8 different hosting companies. I have worked on many client sites on different hosting companies too.

This gives me a lot of real information that (In my opinion) makes me knowledgeable enough o give good advice.

BUT (I love telling the truth) I refer a lot of hosting links, and to be 100% honest I am not sure of all of them.

Therefore this site came to life.

I am going to be doing this comparing REAL hosting packages, from real peoples lives and list them for the world to see what is the absolute truth.

If you have serious questions or want to give me money, cars or a free holiday, then please use the contact page.

Robert Bruce Anderson

Go here to see how to test your personal hosting package for free