Here Are The Basic Steps

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Step One

You set up a blank WordPress website on your hosting as a sub domain. I show you how or I can do it for you.

Step Two

You send me the login details and I clone over a dummy site onto your site. This will be EXACTLY the same website that will be on everybody’s test sub-domain.

Step Three

I test the site loading speed of this website to determine if your personal hosting package is loaded onto a fast or slow server online.

Step Four

I publish your results on my site and email them to you too so that you can see how good your hosting package really is.

Step Five

I re-test your sub domain site monthly. This so that you can see if they are changing your servers or doing any bad things to your hosting package.

Step Six

These results get updated on this website for you to see so you can compare them to other test results and charts I will produce.

Step Seven

I will probably offer courses and more for free so that you could learn how to do best practices in your online marketing.

Step Eight

I note and blog about any big changes or details that are important and that could be helpful to your business online.

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I understand that some of you are very experienced online people and others are complete newbies, so I am going to try to accommodate all of you.

In a nutshell – This is what I am offering you and how to get it done.

One – we (you and I) will install a new website on your hosting and use it to test how good your PERSONAL hosting package really is. I will explain how we will do this in more detail below.

Two – once you have this website set up on your hosting I will test it for loading speeds to see that you are not getting throttled by your hosting company.

Three – I will email you the results and explain if it is good news or bad news.

Four – I will add your test results to a comparison page so that you can see exactly where your website ranks in my tests against other hosting packages. (Over time this will grow to many sites and will be a very nice guide for you to see if you are OK in the hosting department)

Five – I will test your site once EVERY MONTH. This is a fantastic bonus to you as it will show if your hosting package supplier is adding too many other websites onto the servers that they have your websites hosted on. These results will be published on this website so that you can keep track of your hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will this cost me any money?

No, you are already paying for your hosting and my service is free to you

What is a CPanel?

Most hosting companies use a Cpanel that comes with your hosting package. This is where you add emails, can check files etc and can add sub-domains and more. I will have a video for you if you need to see how to do the sub domain, or I could set up the sub domain for you.

What if my hosting doesn't have cPanel?

This is quite common, and what you will need to do is to contact your hosting company and ask them to install a WordPress website onto a sub domain for you. 99% of the time they do this without any issues.

What if I can only have one website on my hosting package?

Sometimes you have a hosting package that is very small and does not allow you to add on a second website. I definitely recommend that you switch up to one of their bigger packages. Those tiny hosting packages are often put onto very crowded servers, so your website site loading speed will increase anyway. BUT in the interests of honesty, I cannot say for certain that yours is like that.

But – sorry, then I cannot help you with this test. You will definitely need to be able to add a second sub domain for this cloned website to be hosted.

Will this affect my main website at all?

No not at all. Your main website will remain unchanged as this site is on a sub domain.

for example – if your main domain is this one – xxx

then your sub domain will look like this xxx

They will be two completely different websites.


Go here to see how to test your personal hosting package for free