Best thing you can do as a consumer and a business it to truly have a solid plan of action and regularly (monthly) COOP. It is horrible that the bulk of companies go with cheap providers and expect for them to be reliable. Cheap providers have a place, but using them for production workloads always ends up bad in the end if they are the only provider you use. Always run your operations out of at least two geographically diverse locations.

Corporate Site
Website should be running in a load balanced configuration or have the ability to fail over in case a site goes down with regular backups being done hourly.
It should also be on at least a separate VPS from customers to reduce the blast radius in case things go wrong, even better if it is run out of separate providers from where you host your customers.
Backups should automatically be stored locally, off-site and tested in a separate network
Database replication should be setup and used as it makes failing over so much easier, just have that replica running all the time in a different geographic location.
Do the same for your website, rsync changed files over and do backups at the primary and DR site, nobody ever got screwed by having proper backups.

Customer Hosting
This should be done in a replicated setup that is backed up up locally and offsite, do not use crappy 100Mb connections, get the good stuff and pull it through another network if possible over a VPN.
Do yourself a big favor and pay for experienced FTEs to do this for you and have them test setting everything up at another location to ensure everything still works.

Hire a security professional to help you keep the entire company and customer data safe and keep up with the times.
Keep your pricing reasonable so you can fund testing backups, research and development and stay ahead of the times.