Years ago I was made aware of SOA records leaking/showing publicly customers email address which they used to signup for their webhost.

My question is: Do all hosts show this? Is it indeed possible to get the email address of every single person on every webhost because of this SOA record?

Practically, I like to create websites and often want them entirely separated from each other to everyone else’s knowledge (people, Google, etc) aside from myself and the host.

Although if the aforementioned email being publicized does occur, it means that every website tied to a particular hosting account, even if websites are on separate servers, are able to all be tied together to a single hosting account via the same single email.

In the past, this has led me to often open separate hosting accounts under the same hosting company to avoid this; though it becomes an inconvenience to have to log into separate hosting accounts when using the same webhost.

Again, is it possible for other parties to get the customer email address used to sign up to a webhost, as it’s made accessible via SOA (or if I’m wrong something similar)?