I'm looking to mainly get a webhost for email for myself/family (about 3 people) since I'd prefer more privacy than free services like GMail. I've seen two different ways to go about this/plans offered by various hosts.

  1. Some hosts offer specific "Email" plans which are normally charged per inbox per month. Some of these seem to have better security features like 2FA for logging into to inboxes.
  2. Getting a "Shared" plan, and using cPanel to create email accounts and forwarders. From what I've seen, this tends to allow for more accounts, but a bit less security since afaik cPanel doesn't currently support 2FA for email login.

I don't need a ton of email accounts since this is for personal use and not a company, but I would like to be able to set up aliases and a couple actual accounts@mydomain (such as for multiple family members, or a couple accounts per person such as for different uses, or temporarily create an actual account should I need to respond from a forwarder. This sounds a bit more annoying if it's charged per user per month)

Additionally, if the plan does include web-hosting I can probably use that to run a personal resume-esque/projects page, but I don't need anything fancy like wordpress. With that in mind, which of the two above styles would be better are there any specific webhosts you'd suggest?


What is your monthly budget?

Somewhere around $150 yearly ± couple percent, so around $10-$12 monthly (this isn't a hard limit, but I'd like to stay around this value)

Where are you/your users located?

Users are just myself/family, located in US

What kind of site are you hosting (WordPress, phpBB, custom software, etc) or what is your use case?

As mentioned above, primarily personal email, and possibly very light webpage hosting (nothing fancy, and not mandatory)

Do you have a monthly traffic volume? Estimates are ok.

Not sure, very low traffic volume

If you’re looking at VPSes: Do you have experience administrating linux servers and infrastructure?


Did you read the sidebar/check out the hosts listed there? I've personally vetted these companies and their services are a good fit for 99% of people.

I looked at the 4 US ones. I didn't see the same specific email plans that I've seen on some like dreamhost, so I wanted to get some input on which of the two styles would be preferred. And given my use case, I'm not sure what criteria I would use to decide between them.

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