Total newbie to the webhosting scene and I'm looking for advice from the community!

I found Host-inger to be the cheapest option for me right now with $1/mo if I take their 48 month package. Is this a good deal? I'm looking to host my site with no particular use, maybe set up a web interface for my personal Discord bot. I will also set up an email for my domain to use and look professional. I notice they stated 1 website only. Does this mean only 1 domain? Can I also set up unlimited subdomains?

My current domain is registered with IONOS 1&1, looking to transfer away to Porkbun or Namesilo when I'm able to transfer. This may not matter but will switching registrar affect my webhosting in the future?

And would really appreciate if people can give me heads up of what to watch out for in the future so I don't have to learn the hard way by paying a hefty price. Thank you and cheers, everyone.


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