I don’t know if there’s a scientific explanation for it, but I always feel like when January hits I am ready to get rid of clutter and make areas of my home more efficient. When I organized my hall closet in one afternoon last year, it really helped make me aware of how much change you can make in a short period of time. And since then, I’ve been constantly aware of the next areas to organize on my list. Since I’ve been trolling the Internet for different ways to keep my home tidy and together, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you for whoever else is in the same headspace this time of year! I divided up my favorites into “kitchen” and more “general” organization areas, so let’s start with the kitchen!

Let me say, getting a wall-mounted broom holder like that is one of my favorite things—no more falling over onto the floor and it keeps all the things with handles organized. I also love lots of those fridge bins to keep my fridge tidier as well (anyone else have everything fall out when they open their standing freezer? I totally see why people go for the freezers on the bottom now …). I used a lot of those when I organized my fridge in one afternoon—it was amazing! I think this one that holds cans is my top fave and I like that I can stack things on top of it too since it has a shelf on top.

OK, let’s get to the rest of the house!

I also have several pairs of these drawer dividers in our clothes dressers and they are great for dividing up the sections for exactly the size that you want. Lola has lots of little accessories like hair clips and sunglasses, so I got a hanging holder to keep them all together in her closet and it’s a big help. Also, I love a good woven basket to keep items in since you can have them out where you can see them and they still look like a cute decoration (also great for toys and throw blankets and whatnot). I also realized I was making some big storage mistakes in my bathroom recently and figured out how to fix them, so it’s way more efficient in there as well! Hope you found something here to get your year off to an organized start! xo. Laura

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