Helping out a local brick-and-mortar I owe a favor to. Bluehost holds their domain and hosts their email—business owner was set up with gmail/gsuite on their end to manage it. The owner runs their whole fast-paced business 7am-5pm Mon-Fri through that account: we're talking constant communication with major national companies, managing payroll for nine employees, local coordination, everything.

So you can imagine the chaos when their email account was disabled by "a glitch" for half a business day. Now, they understandably want to cut ties with Bluehost, pull it all directly under gmail control (like it should've been from the start) and call that that. Problem is, they're not tech savvy and cannot grasp that it's not as simple as "calling Google".

Bluehost hosts their (unlocked) domain. Owner literally doesn't care about their website and is fine without it. All they want is that specific business email hosting completely migrated to Google's servers, instead of IMAP forwarded there. Unfortunately, their downtime window is limited to 5PM Friday to 7AM Monday.

Where do I go from here? I have admin access. Their Bluehost MX records were updated over 24 hours ago and things are running smoothly again now. That DNS update shut down their email for about 3 hours (TTL 4 hours) overnight so I'm mostly confident this is doable, though the 5-7 day domain transfer window worries me.

Can't see the forest for the trees. Any help is super appreciated!

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